Mountain Lakes, NJ

The Owner, Frungillo Caterers is a prominent, family owned North Jersey Caterer who purchased the old Niel’s New Yorker for use as a permanent catering facility and central office. The original building was a restaurant-theater with no exterior windows, improper ventilation, and a convoluted interior layout. The Owners wanted to create a tasteful “Tuscan” style environment with lots of natural light, internal transparency, and simple decor. They also needed the ability to conduct multiple events without interference or contact among the different parties.

The existing building was field surveyed and the design was developed using the existing structural components as key features in the design. Natural light was introduced into every possible space using triple arched windows and doors. The kitchen access and internal circulation were reworked to allow two large parties to be conducted, each with separate cocktail and banquet rooms. The ceilings were coffered using the existing steel structure to define the patterns which created a greater volume, and the opportunity for light coves within each space. A port corchere was added at the main entrance, and the site was re-designed to accommodate valet parking for large multiple events. The main ball room was engineered with a built-in sound system and stage. The resulting atmosphere, flow and efficiency of the facility is unparalleled in the North Jersey Area. The building perfectly complements the Frungillos’ attention to every detail and the exquisite events that they create.