We are a full service architectural firm, willing and able to meet your needs in a multi disciplinary capacity. Each Client gets the personal attention of the Principal Architect at every phase of every project. We can provide the following services:

Budgeting and Project Cost Estimating
Feasibility and Code Analyses
Zoning Analyses
Building Analyses
Building Documentation
Schematic Design
Preliminary Design
Construction Documents
Contract Administration
Construction Observation
Construction Management
Site Planning
Planning Board Applications
Zoning Board Applications
Structural Engineering
Plumbing Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Lighting Design
Energy Efficiency Analyses
Energy Efficient Design
Photo Voltaic System Design
Expert Witnessing and Legal Reports
Insurance and Fire Loss Analyses

We understand that most people have never worked with an Architect before, and may not be familiar with the process. We will be happy to explain the process and walk you through it in a way that you can fully comprehend what we do before we proceed with your project. Of course, there is no charge for our initial consultation. We want you to want us.


For every project type we have produced both new buildings and renovations / additions.

Single Family Residential
Multi-Family residential
Office Buildings
Medical Facilities
Office Fit-outs
Food Service and Restaurants
Banquet Facilities
Storage and Warehouse
Recording Studios
EMS Facilities
Police Facilities
Fire Company Facilities
Amusement and Arcades
Retail and Commercial
Public Facilities
Sporting Facilities
Manufacturing - Industrial
Child and Infant Care
Historic Preservation & Restoration

No Project is too small or too big for us. We know that time is money. With our flexible production system we are able to determine a realistic deadline for completion of each phase of a project, and we will meet that deadline, without exception.

A list of personal Client references is available upon request.